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Herna Jacqueline Pardede
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Welcome to Herna Jacqueline Pardede unofficial photos album... For more photos please visit: or or

About me: I am sexy, sophisticated, bicthy (some may call me an arogant rich bicth! haha i like it... I hate suckers and losers... especially people who annoyed others coz just have nothing better to do... example sited- see ((scroll down)). .Don.t hate me coz I.m beautiful!.

Nama Lengkap: Herna Jacqueline Christnatasha Pardede, LLB, LLM (in 4 months) and MRS counting down..
Tanggal Lahir : 11-12-1980
Tempat : Medan
Pacar : Arnaldo Villalba Benitez (Paraguay)
Negara Bola Favorit : Paraguay, Brasil, Italia, Indonesia
Klub Bola Favorit : PSMS Medan, Real Madrid, PSIS Semarang
Pemain bola idola: Arnaldo Villalba B., David Joseph Beckham, K DY
Warna Favorit : Hitam, Putih, Silver dan Gold
Makanan Favorit : Italian Caesar's Salad, Thai, Japanese dan Pasta
Kota Favorit : Medan, Jogyakarta, Jakarta
Musik Favorit : R & B, Hip Hop, Pop Dance, House Music dan Garage House
Artis Favorit : Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Gisele, Jesicca Alba, Becks.
Favorit TV Channel : Metro TV (Intelek, Informatif dan Business Oriented)
Telenovela Favorit : Sunset Beach, Passions, The Bold and the Beautiful, Another World (my bibles)
Impian : Mempunyai keluarga sendiri di dalam Yesus Kristus and glassier adventuring with my future husband.. and a white wedding!! & diving!
Best party people: Marwal Iskandar, Facthul Ichya, Yeyen Tumena, Restu cs, Sancez, Kurus, Gendut cs, Lessy, Comboy, Ponaryo, Sidar cs etc,etc KAMPAKERS, Timnas Indonesia, Timnas Malaysia, Timnas Thailand and Timnas Philiphines. The best ever (for groups): PSMS MEDAN, Persija Jakarta and Arema players (they are just top blokes when it comes to real partee)... Persipura players (they are party animals! and definitely know how to parteee!) and off course!! Josua Andreas MODELS! Hot, Classy but will need a new liver just being around them!!!

Orang Tua : Johnny Pardede dan Dr. Sri Theresia Bangun
Saudara : Jonathan Yesaya Pardede dan Amos Zefanya Pardede
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