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Herna Jacqueline Pardede


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 1.Most attractive feature of a guy is?
Hot body (no fat), great bum, nice eyes, sexy
lips, beautiful voice

2.Would you date anyone out of your race?
Why not? Thats why i love the UN hehehe

3.Do you like older,younger or the same age guys?
Who cares?

l4.Would you date a guy who smokes?
Yeah.. but i will make them not to smoke nmore

5.Does he have to be rich?
Money not really everything although its quite

6.Do you prefer taller, shorter or the same height
dont mind.. i will look so sexxy if im taller... I
always taller than most of my bf anyway.. cos of
the high heels hehehehe... this really make people
look at you!

7.Do u like guys with facial hair or no?
Dont understand what u mean

8.Name four important things u look for in guys?
maturity, honesty, good looks, and great personality

9.Would u date a guy your friend likes or used to
why not??!! Done it once and i feel so
embarrased!!!!!!! especially after I said I would
never like that person.

10.Would you want a guy that is or is not a virgin?
NOT VIRGIN.... they know what we girls want!

11.Short or long hair guy?
Definetely short!

12.HONESTLY, when it comes down to dating a
person, do looks really matter?
Sure it does

13.Do you like guys that are built or more skinny?
Just normal ones, min 6 pax or great tighs

14.Do u want a guy who would pay for
Who cares these days? If they are gentlemen they
would do the right thing

15.Do you like guys who are romantic or buddy-
Def romantic... got too many buddies already!

16. When it comes to relationship, are you picky
to choose ur partner?
Too picky!

17. How many times you've fallen in love ever in
your life?
1. Luke---> just a really great person
2. Jaime Rojas ---> he tatooed my name on his left
handside and gave me loads of new love for me at
my 20s
3. Luis Eduardo ---> he made me so over Rojas and
my inspiration for getting into the supporters
thingy ( and this gave me loads
of great lessons in life,
4. Hamka Hamzah-> Looks can be deceiving you know!
Good looks' and being madly in love and rush
things are just not good enough!
5. Arnaldo Villalba--> He made me believe that
there is someone (a soulmate) for everyone.. but
im still in love with him ...

so... u guess how many..

I might also include some information about my personal history: where I grew up, where I went to school, various places I've lived. If I have one, I'll include a picture of myself engaging in an activity I enjoy, such as a sport or hobby.



Actually I'm a sales manager for a travel agency ( part owner of a nasional youngster magz called M teens (, an owner/ administrative at and a future lawyer hahehhehe..

Just me!

"Some just say that Im just a lucky rich bicth with a beautiful boyfriend and loads of contacts hehehehe (kidding).." Herna Pardede

Used to be a model only for a part time.. maybe after I finished my master degree then I will start again :)